Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nov 30 Gig

Gig recordings with Vocals.

Soul Eyes

Killer Joe
There Will Never Be Another You

How High the Moon

In Walked Bud

Blue in Green

Look of Love

Manha de Carnaval

Night in Tunisia

I'm mixing in more R&B/Funk since the audience can relate. But other than the change in groove it's really all the same. I need to play simply when I go do funk. Sometimes my brain doesn't switch properly. Also, I'm a little confused on whether to swing in funk or not and it exhibits as hesitations in the feel. Darn.

Other issues are just in not developing ideas. I do it at practice but I can't focus on it on a gig. On this performance, I played a lot of linear lines and just didn't feel like going intervallic which would have opened up more melodic options. I'm sure this was from panic.

My tone was awful. Legato was lost. Everything sounded detached. This was because I was focused on eighth note rhythms.

The recordings may have too loud of a piano sometimes but that's just from where the recorder was located (monitor was pointed at it). So it's more balanced in real life. I've been recently aware that my piano sound had low volume so I made sure that wasn't the case here.

Swing issues exist with the band. Partly it's because the bass player does not play legato and the drummer doesn't have a good ding-ding-a-ding rhythm. It's slightly too long IMO. So he does  better when the rhythm focuses on 2 & 4. We discussed it. Hopefully it will improve next time.

In spite of all my self-critique, the good news is that we do draw a regular audience and our music appeals to them and everyone keeps coming back. It's amazing in a way. We sound a LOT better than a year ago. And maybe by next year, the musicianship level will be commensurate to the audience appreciation. Musicianship still has a ways to go (being critical).