Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Big Time Gig?

I arrived at our regular venue and then the person in charge said, "Oh, BTW, you're playing for a crowd of 200+ --it's the wrap-party for the movie Raging Bull II".

OMG -- so while we were playing, all these movie stars were around us. I had a picture taken with Paul Sorvino (Sopranos) after the gig, but the rest were around in the middle of the sets.
And they asked me if the Director could sit in on a couple of tunes. I guess he's a jazz pianist. But he didn't actually approach us though.

Anyway, it was so noisy we couldn't hear ourselves so we pumped up the volume and dropped all the soft tunes. Played everything uptempo. We had to stay longer since the crowd was still heavy (and quickly negotiated extra pay).
I made sure to hand out my cards to the production company people. Too bad I wasn't prepared for this. The good news was we got really good compliments on our music so I guess we're good enough for Hollywood :)

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