Friday, November 9, 2012

Less Rushing! (Whew!)

Some gig recordings from tonight. I was very conscious about keeping my rhythm good and avoiding rushing. I was pretty disgusted with myself last time. These are a little better.

Side story -- a guy walks up and says, "I'm a musician, can I sit in with the bongos? I play with Ramsey Lewis...". Well that was quite intimidating and I made sure to set his expectations but he was a nice guy and you can hear him playing bongos.

Recordame (still a little rushing at the beginning of my solo but I fixed it).

Blue Monk

Blue in Green (Funk)

So What (Funk)

Night in Tunisia

What I noticed is that I'm beginning to recognize when I rush and then I naturally take a pause and relax and listen. And it seems to work.

Now the other thing new is playing several tunes in Jazz Funk style. After listening to the recordings, clearly I need to be more percussive when using EP. It sounds like I'm banging it. And I set the Key weight to Light for it. It's not good since it kills the dynamic range. Well, next time.

One thing that's different from this gig was that I got a lot of claps on my solos which was more than I ever got before. Also, the drummer said "You sound good...did you practice?"

The answer to "practice" was not really much. I spent a couple of hours one day recording myself and then listening to my articulation and time. It must have helped. Not bad for a single day of work I guess.

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