Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Gig

Our band is really doing well. Sometimes I can't believe that what was just a little challenge 8.25 years ago has turned into a real role as a professional musician. It's amazing. Lots of audience members talked to me after the show and during the break and I got so many nice compliments that I'm just overjoyed.

The place was packed. This was the first time this venue has ever done anything on Valentine's day. Usually it's a dead night for them as everyone goes to the fancy restaurants for a dinner date. But the owner took a risk and it paid off. I've never seen this place so filled up. No seating was available until the second set.

Tonight was a quintet with a guitar player, and vocals/percussion. Here's a sampling of some of the tunes. Lots of risk taking here. Playing something faster than we've ever done or something dangerously difficult like Con Alma.

Solar - uptempo

Con Alma -- my first try. My goal was just to survive. Too many notes, not enough content.

Footprints -- quite uptempo. 220-230? Tough!

Song For My Father

All the Things You Are

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