Friday, August 16, 2013

Singer Sat In and Gig Stuff

Here's from tonight's gig. Singer sat in. She's pretty amazing and the crowd just loves her. She sat in a couple of times before. Just love it when musicians of this quality just drop by and it shows respect for what we can do as well.

Blue Bossa

Here's another singer from another prior gig (June I think) doing Blue Bossa (who would have known that Blue Bossa had lyrics!).

Blue Bossa #2

I wonder how people judge these two singers. Both very good in different ways.

Also I should note that this is the first time I've played as a Trio and I was quite comfortable. I wasn't rushing and we pretty much played completely different tunes than on my set list in reaction to the crowd. But I didn't get fazed.

Now I felt stiffer than usual but I didn't feel that it affected anything I was actually doing other than perhaps not smiling much at the audience. Maybe time to learn things outside of music (like professional demeanor).

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  1. Hi JazzWee!

    I might have mentioned this once already: I'm very inpired about your commitment to the piano - so much that I started my own blog and want to model you success :)

    What do you think what are the biggest factors which helped you to keep going after all these years? I mean you're almost at it for 10 years!- that's so cool.