Saturday, October 29, 2011

Solar - Again

So here's Solar at 210bpm

And at 200bpm

I did it at 220bpm too but with less time to think my lines became mechanical. With a bop tune, it's not easy for me because I'm not really a bop player.

Not happy with my articulation at this tempo. Just lots of little timing issues that really bug me. I think a practice strategy is to slow down the phrases where the articulation suffers and analyze it.

Beeboss also suggested I vary the left hand. Good thing because I wasn't paying attention to it at all. It all sounds good in practice but turn on the recorder and everything goes to pot.

Interesting comments from people. I didn't really think about this much but I don't actually play bop. My style is completely different and heavy on an intervallic approach. Teacher's influence I guess. Bop tends to be linear and he discourages that in me. However, there are times when I don't even go chromatic and this is one of them. I tend not to and I have consciously add chromaticism. Just some elements from the toolbox.

Now why I would try to do runs at 200bpm, I don't know. Seemed doable at the time but really, it's hit or miss at this tempo.

Maybe I'll post this at the ABF Recital in a couple of days. Or maybe I come up with something better.

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