Thursday, November 17, 2011

ATTYA and thoughts on Bebop

Not particularly proud of this but people say it's good. I have played better than this if I turn the recorder off. I just turned on the recorder and improvised a little bit with no particular plan in mind. Just one take. :)

All the Things You Are.

I was talking to my teacher and I asked him about my lack of use of the bebop idiom. He said this is neither good nor bad but just fact that I have not integrated it into my vocabulary at all. This makes me sound different from most jazz players.

He then said, that to widen my view, I should learn it. How much of it to use is up to me he says but I need to make sure I know how to play it. In the above recording there are hints of some chromatics which come from bebop, but the next task is to see if I can incorporate large chunks of it.

I'm not sure yet how much of it I'd like to be a permanent part of my voice. But certainly, some use of bebop is useful for me for connecting ideas since that style promotes continuous eighth lines with 'forward motion' concepts.

It's getting to a point where I'm needing to clarify what my voice is. I keep changing around as I search. But I'm groping right now and it is confusing me a bit as I play. I think it's coming though. I'll see how this integrates into my next performance in early December.

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