Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bye Bye Blackbird #2

The first time I recorded this a week or so ago, I was seeing the changes for the first time. I didn't even know the melody (all I had was a leadsheet). So just to compare I recorded it again. The difference in the process here, aside from understanding the tune more and practicing, was to listen to Keith Jarrett's version a few times, seeing if I can pull something out of Jarret's style.

So here's the product. As usual, I only do a single recording.

Bye Bye Blackbird Take 2

I did it at Jarrett's tempo (180bpm) and I think my articulation was quite sloppy. Might have been better to slow it down initially. So that's something to focus on next. There are some lines here that are actually what I heard from Jarrett. The rest are just similar in structure.

Something that I have to listen more to is Jarret's dynamic phrasing of each line. It's not something I commonly hear in Jazz so I have to pay more attention. Normally I'm only thinking of offbeat/downbeat articulation and the dynamics and drag related to that.

I noticed a change in my playing here. I have no idea what other's critique might be at this point but I was suprised at how quickly I picked on things by ear, particularly if I play it right after hearing the Jarrett recording.

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